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The hair/hair of fashion French 2015 gives way to many types of hairstyle referring to shortcuts, those loved by women of all ages. Overcoming the problem of finding, the hairdresser, the beautiful cut and one that gives your face, the trends are all French for versatile style cuts preferable to try hair /hair to be comfortable even when it is hot. The French haircuts / hairofs of the past, such as the famous Bob or pixie cut the cut smoother and shorter on the back, really confirms itself as the haircut / hair to try, but in the new variants that combine French body fringes, hair lines worn on the side and decomposed, long tufts and sharp side sizing (trend to life directly from the 90s look). Between the haircuts/hair to score because of spring, push the ball cut and clash to start with boy pixie and create a new style French. The first is nothing more than a shaved pixie look at the back and runs on the sides with the top of the canopy more rounded; The variant is more glam with a fringe and long net. The second type of punk hairstyle is the French with a shaved side and the other left long to match even some vivid and noticeable hair/hair colors compared to those with pastel. The fashion for short haircuts/ hair, however, also offers other ways to reduce or comb hair /hair still very chic. It will also be fashionable the wet look with hair/hair style back and wet left, as well as bangs to match with wavy Bob and shortcuts that look like 30s vintage style with light waves and very glamorous. Stay up to date with the latest trends on French haircuts/haircuts and let me follow.

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